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Leads the  industry segment with the MARVEL Vertical Tilt-Frame Bandsaw products, but they have greatly extended the reach and market share by importing a line of high production saws manufactured by their partner company in Taiwan. These Horizontal Bandsaw quality machines are marketed under the trademark SPARTAN and carry the same dependability and customer support as other MARVEL products.

​​​ Prairie Wind Machinery, LLC

Eberle, a company with a long history and tradition, was founded 1836 by Norbert
Eberle. In 1883 Eberle moved to the current location in Augsburg, Germany to produce
fretsaw blades, and later the company began its own precision strip steel production
in 1890. In the 1950s Eberle started producing the finest bandsaw blades on the market
and built a reputation as one of the leaders in the industry.